What I did for Thesis today

Sea Dragon @ Underwater World, Sentosa

This is one of a hundred photos I took in Underwater World, Singapore. It's a sea dragon. Beautiful, isn't it?

I used a friend’s Facebook account, with “Pao’s” consent of course. Pao told me before that he has a friend in Copenhagen, Denmark. And, fortunately, “Mol” the friend was online. I was curious if there were any oceanariums in Denmark, so I popped him a message. We chatted. But I never told Mol who I really was, all he knew that I was Pao. While Mol and I were chatting, Pao was there watching and reading everything. I was careful with my words.

So…Mol told “Pao” that there is an oceanarium  at another island adjacent Copenhagen. It was the Nordsøen Oceanarium, Northern Europe’s biggest aquarium. I asked him if he has been to the Nordsøen. He told me he just knew about it when he googled the word “oceanarium”. From the chat, I knew that the Nordsøen was a newly established oceanarium.

Then I asked if he has plans of visiting the Nordsøen. And if he could take pictures for a “friend of mine”. He then told me maybe in January. But after a minute or so, he chatted back an announcement from the Nordsøen website: “I januar holder vi lukket for at få tid til at lave vedligehold på vores akvarier og bygninger. Vi er klar til at tage imod gæster igen den 1/2-2011.

In English, the Nordsøen is going to be closed the whole month of January for aquarium maintenance. And will only resume operation on February 1st. Sigh…He then told me he will try to go on February. With this, I thanked him by saying, “Det er ok. Tak for din tid. Enhver hjælp vil gøre.” I just used Google Translate for: “That’s OK. Thanks for your time. Any help will do.”

He chatted back saying that “Enhver hjælp vil gøre” was wrong Danish. He did not understand that last sentence.

Anyway, I just finished downloading VRay for my SkethcUp7. VRay is used to have a realistic appeal on computer-generated designs. I’m now ready to install the plug-in; really excited to try it.