365, a Journal and Tumblr.

It’s embarrassing. I haven’t posted any photos for my Project 365. Why? Camera got broken…stolen…lost…Now, let’s move on. I had lots of other photos to share but not anymore for the Project 365. I’m considering to attempt the 365 by January 1, 2011. Excited!

Anyway, Tumblr is still having problems. The site is always going down. Frustrating. I’m really proud of my “original” posts in that site. Too bad. Well, I’m updating this WordPress account of mine for now on. I’m lucky enough to still remember my username and password.


I’m new here at WordPress

I’m being experimental and curious about this WordPress. I like writing stories and blogging. Currently practicing photography and improving my drawing skills. I like posting original stuff and will update this blog as possible as I can.

Anyway, I have to eat my dinner. In case you’re reading this, you can follow me at my http://viscountjan.tumblr.com account for now.