O Creator of Heaven and Earth, we pray for Your cardinals because Rome is once again without a Supreme Pontiff. We pray that the conclave will produce a worthy leader for Your Holy Church; a leader who is not tarnished by grave sins nor is his heart weak from temptation. Let the new Pope be like a father whose thoughts and morals are above Limbo; let his mind be quick and open to address the contemporary needs of this ever-changing universe.

God above, let Heaven shine light upon the conclave. May the cardinals choose the rightful man who has the will to inspire peace and tolerance within the Catholic world. Shelter this rightful man, O Lord, in Your Love and send Your Holy Spirit to guide him in Your Ways. Give him the strength and body so he can fulfill Your Will beyond the walls of the Vatican. Let him be the one who will never betray the faithful or abuse his power for personal or cruel intentions. Make him defeat the evils that wander the Earth, and never make him blind of the darkness that threatens to blanket Your Church.

On the day white smoke escapes the Sistine Chapel, to proclaim his glorious ascent, in troubles and in trials let the Vicar of Christ not falter. We pray His Holiness will be renowned in serving You and Your people selflessly as Your beloved Peter.


2:365 In Rome I Prayed

2:365 In Rome I Prayed

Rome, April 6

Easter, Rome, April 6

The rain was spoiling everything. But not the people’s faith. Catholics from parts of the world gathered at the St. Peter’s Square to celebrate Easter with Pope Benedict XVI. Though I was really tired to stay up late and continue to watch the Mass on TV, I consider myself lucky enough to “attend”!