I’m starting my 365 Project

I know when the new college semester opens, I’m going to get really busy. College life is always like this. I probably won’t have enough time to open my internet accounts anymore. So, luckily, I came across this 365 Project in Flickr.com: take a photo of yourself/something that would represent each day of the year. I know I may be kindda late to start this 365 Proj, but the idea is so great that I think I’ll regret it if I don’t, at least, try it.

I’ve decided to post my 365 Project entries here in WordPress (and also in my viscountjan.tumblr.com).  I’ll be posting not only photos but also poems (or very short journal entries) for a specific day. The new semester would be very tiring and, with this 365, I would really be aware on how I  spend my time and how productive I am.

I’m planning my 365 now. Hopefully I can officially start tomorrow. So, yes, good luck to me!