7:365 Airport



January 7. The airport has been a favorite establishment of mine. Been travelling for like half of my life, and I’m not going to get sick of it. I love travelling. And hopefully, after graduation, I’ll fly back to Singapore or get a job in Paris, France!

Anyway, I went to the airport because of someone important in my life.


4:365 Our Aspine Pups


Our Aspine Pups!

January 4. It was getting dark when I realized I haven’t taken a photo for 365. And I was a bit uninspired. But I when out of bed and took my camera outside. I opened the back door and came rushing in our 3 aspine pups! Notice how their faces vary from one another? Such an adorable breed, I’d say!


3:365 One and Only


One and Only

January 3. This was the only photo I took. As you can see, it’s the foundation plan (footings and columns) of my oceanarium thesis. You can also see some of the installed aquariums. Thanks to SketchUp, it was so easy to do! You can also see my white IKEA lamp and some other things. Oh well…

2:365 Gloom and Rain

Gloom and Rain

Gloom and Rain

January 2. I decided to take this photo from the car. I know it’s not that artistic but I believe it captured all the gloom and wetness of the day. My family decided to visit grandmother, she’s already 98-years-old. It was nice to connect with her though we didn’t stay long.

1:365 2011 and Plumbing

January 1, 2011

2011 and Plumbing

January 1. It’s the first day of the year! Instead of celebrating, I was on my desk doing floor plans for my thesis. I realized that I should draft a restroom layout. I had this moth-gnawed Plumbing book. And luckily the page I needed was spared! I was told the book originally belonged to my grandfather who was an engineer.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

I’ve been thinking about what to post for December 24. I was scanning my computer when I saw this photo of the Marina Bay Sands, a 57-storey casino-hotel at Singapore. I took this shot days before I flew back home. (I was there in Singapore for almost 22 days, October to November, because extra research needed for my oceanarium thesis.) MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!

365, a Journal and Tumblr.

It’s embarrassing. I haven’t posted any photos for my Project 365. Why? Camera got broken…stolen…lost…Now, let’s move on. I had lots of other photos to share but not anymore for the Project 365. I’m considering to attempt the 365 by January 1, 2011. Excited!

Anyway, Tumblr is still having problems. The site is always going down. Frustrating. I’m really proud of my “original” posts in that site. Too bad. Well, I’m updating this WordPress account of mine for now on. I’m lucky enough to still remember my username and password.

2:365 In Rome I Prayed

2:365 In Rome I Prayed

Rome, April 6

Easter, Rome, April 6

The rain was spoiling everything. But not the people’s faith. Catholics from parts of the world gathered at the St. Peter’s Square to celebrate Easter with Pope Benedict XVI. Though I was really tired to stay up late and continue to watch the Mass on TV, I consider myself lucky enough to “attend”!

1:365 Taillights and Fast food

1:365 Taillights and Fast food

It was already 1:00AM when the midnight Easter Mass ended. My sis, my twin brother and I went home; my twin’s the Innova driver. When we arrived home, my sis said, “Let’s eat out. Jolibee and McDonald’s at Lopue’s East are now 24/7.”

So, all of us hurried back to the car. Before we were out the subdivision gates, we prayed (for the first time after months) for safety. Jim, my twin, is not yet an excellent driver…so yeah, it was really necessary that time. It felt like more of an adventure than an ordinary road trip.

After some time (it’s approximately a 30 min travel), I kindda noticed that Jim was driving slow. My sis, Ela, noticed it too. But Jim

Taillights and Fast food

Taillights and Fast food.

said he was going fast as usual. He mentioned the speed, and yes, he was fast. Maybe my sis and I were just a bit afraid for our lives. Or maybe it was our first time to let Jim drive “in the dark”. Lucky for us, there was not much activity on the road to Lopue’s East.

When we finally arrived at Lopue’s East, Jim roughly parked at Jolibee. A motorcyclist saw this and laughed, he really looked like he was pretty entertained. Then, we got off the car. Took our orders and drove back home. In the car, the scent of the French fries was everywhere.

I was sitting on the passenger seat when I took this photo. See how dark the road is from our residence to Lopue’s East? You can only notice tail lights, there are no streetlights halfway.