I’m really sorry for not updated for almost a month. I have been REALLY REALLY REALLY absorbed with personal and college stuff. To tell you honestly, I think my life is spiraling out of control. I don’t know…I can still laugh about it though. I can’t focus well, I’ve noticed. I can’t put myself to do one thing at a time. I also feel empty…I’ve read that maybe I’m going thru what they call “early-life crisis”, which is damn crazy.

BAD NEWS: My memo.card for my camera has recently gone locco. Damn it, I have loads of photos that I still haven’t uploaded in Tumblr and to my FB. Sad, really. I’m planning to buy a new one tomorrow or on Thursday.

OK. OK. I can’t promise to update again, but I will try. I checked my Site Stats and, my God, there are a lot of people viewing me in a week. Thank you, viewers!



Nothing to post here. I’m totally busy. I need to do final requirements for my oceanarium thesis. Plus I’m pretty exhausted. Actually, I don’t know what to do now. My head is cluttered with stuff.