What do you guys think of FanFiction?

For those not acquainted, it is a form of literature where fans write their own versions of a published story. The most prominent site for this genre is http://www.fanfiction.net

So, what you do you guys think of fanfiction? Have you written one?


6:365 Bloodbath


January 6. It was 6:30AM when I went to my bathroom. I brushed my teeth and then…BLOOD. I hurt my gums badly and it took maybe a minute before the bleeding stopped. I have been so careful with brushing my teeth, but this experience was just SHOCKING. I showed this photo to my brother and he was like, “Sh*t! Are you sick?”

4:365 Our Aspine Pups


Our Aspine Pups!

January 4. It was getting dark when I realized I haven’t taken a photo for 365. And I was a bit uninspired. But I when out of bed and took my camera outside. I opened the back door and came rushing in our 3 aspine pups! Notice how their faces vary from one another? Such an adorable breed, I’d say!


3:365 One and Only


One and Only

January 3. This was the only photo I took. As you can see, it’s the foundation plan (footings and columns) of my oceanarium thesis. You can also see some of the installed aquariums. Thanks to SketchUp, it was so easy to do! You can also see my white IKEA lamp and some other things. Oh well…

2:365 Gloom and Rain

Gloom and Rain

Gloom and Rain

January 2. I decided to take this photo from the car. I know it’s not that artistic but I believe it captured all the gloom and wetness of the day. My family decided to visit grandmother, she’s already 98-years-old. It was nice to connect with her though we didn’t stay long.

1:365 2011 and Plumbing

January 1, 2011

2011 and Plumbing

January 1. It’s the first day of the year! Instead of celebrating, I was on my desk doing floor plans for my thesis. I realized that I should draft a restroom layout. I had this moth-gnawed Plumbing book. And luckily the page I needed was spared! I was told the book originally belonged to my grandfather who was an engineer.

A Post for the New Year

I’m considering myself really lucky to post this entry. Again, I’ve been busy with my architecture thesis.So far, I’m doing well. I need to do a little photo-rendering. I’m hoping I’ll be able to post a lot of entries by next Sunday. Happy New Year to everybody!